Optics and Sound

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About Course

Welcome to our Optics and Sound video section! Embark on a fascinating exploration of light and sound waves, unraveling the mysteries of these fundamental phenomena. Our videos delve into the world of optics, where we uncover the behavior of light and its interaction with lenses, mirrors, and prisms. Discover the wonders of refraction, reflection, and diffraction, and how they shape the way we see the world.

In addition, we dive into the realm of sound, exploring the principles of acoustics and the properties of sound waves. Learn about sound propagation, resonance, and how we perceive different frequencies and tones.

Whether you’re a physics enthusiast, an aspiring engineer, or simply curious about the science of optics and sound, our videos offer valuable insights into the captivating realms of light and sound. Get ready to be enlightened and amazed by the mysteries of Optics and Sound through our informative and visually captivating videos!

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Course Content

Optics and Sound

  • How glass is made?
  • Power of Concave mirror
  • What is wave
  • Why Sun is red in Evening
  • What is Light?
  • Light Refraction Experiment
  • Color of Light

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