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Arduino Robotics

What is a Breadboard?

Lecture :1 Setting Up Arduino Urdu

lecture :2 A Little Bit of Electronics Background Urdu Hindi

lecture: 3 How to make an LED blink with arduino URDU

Lecture: 4 Fading an LED using PWM Urdu Hindi

Lecture: 5 Understanding Loops Urdu Hindi

Lecture: 6 Adding a Push Button ( Arduino ) Urdu Hindi

Lecture: 7 Toggle button with led ON and OFF Urdu/Hindi

Lecture : 8 Understanding Functions Urdu

Lecture: 9 Interfacing Ultrasonic Sensor with Arduino Urdu

Control Loops in Robotics

How to Make a Robot | Assembling of Robot | Takhti Rover

How To Make A Simple Bluetooth Controlled Robotic Car | Takhti Rover

How to make Line Following Robot using Arduino

How to Design a Line Following Robot

Object Following Robot | Takhti Rover

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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